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Dress and Grooming 

AR 6132 (a) 

Kings Canyon Unified School District is an exemplary district. The primary function of the KCUSD  standard dress attire policy is to establish a safe and secure learning environment that reflects positive  student choice. The district standard dress attire policy will be enforced consistently and fairly on school  campuses and at school sponsored functions. 

Schools are responsible for notifying students and parents/guardians in a timely manner of established site  standards. 

Educationally Appropriate Dress and Grooming 

Any apparel, hair style, cosmetic or jewelry, even if not specifically mentioned below, which creates a  safety concern, draws undue attention to the wearer, or tends to detract from the educational process is  prohibited unless addressed elsewhere in this regulation. 

1. Headwear: District approved headwear must be worn outside only. Any student entering a room or building must remove the headwear prior to entering. Only district approved hats  will be allowed at school, unless a doctor's note is provided. 

a. Hats must be khaki or white cloth type, with a 2" brim that encircles the entire hat. The hat must  be free of any insignias or markings except for the individual's name written inside in one inch  block letters. 

b. A parent/guardian may elect to purchase a hat from a source other than the school/district.  However, the hat must be pre-approved by the site administrator prior to the wearing of the hat by  the student. 

c. During after school activities open to the public, only headwear that is not gang related may be  worn. 

d. Knit caps are allowed during cold and/or inclement weather. 

2. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are not to be worn unless prescribed by a physician or authorized by the  principal for special events. 

3. Shoes: Shoes must be worn on campus and at school functions by all students. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to wear flip flops, shoes or sandals without heel straps. 

4. Undergarments: Top garments shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.  

5. Pants: Excessively baggy pants are not allowed. Pants may not extend beyond 5 inches (5") when  measured at the kneecap of the straightened leg. Pants must fit and be worn no lower than 2 inches  (2") below the natural waist.  

6. Shirts/Blouses: Shirts and blouses must have finished edges and be no longer than the top of the inseam. Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder blouses, bare midriffs, see through, low cut, or oversized shirts that present a safety concern or draw undue  attention are not acceptable and not to be worn at school. Sleeveless shirts may be worn. 

7. Hem Lines: All dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants must have a finished hem. Shorts must have at least a 4 inch (4") inseam. Skirts and dresses may be no shorter than 4 inches (4") above the knee.


8. Dangerous Attire: Attire which may be used as a weapon may not be worn, including but not limited to steel toed boots, chains i.e. wallet, items with spikes or studs, and other items deemed  inappropriate by the principal and/or school site council. 

9. Fashions: Fashions that draw undue attention to the wearer and/or detract from the  

educational environment are not acceptable. This includes exotic clothing, extreme make-up, extreme body piercing, military or camouflage attire, etc. 

10. Hair Styles: Hair styles that draw undue attention and/or detract from the educational  environment are not acceptable; i.e. unusual designs, unnatural colors, mohawks, tails,  

unusual razor cuts (including eyebrows), or extensive sculpting.  

11. Gang Related Apparel: Gang related apparel is not acceptable. The district will collaborate  with Law Enforcement Agencies to update changes in gang-related apparel as necessary.  Any clothing or apparel that a student or group of students wear to identify themselves for  the purpose of harassing, threatening or intimidating others will not be allowed. 

12. Jackets and other apparel depicting professional sports teams shall not be worn. 

Exceptions to Regulations 

Generally, these neutral dress and grooming rules will be applied to all students. Religious beliefs and/or  medical requirements may be grounds for an exception to a specific portion of the KCUSD Dress Code  with specific advance approval from the District. A petition for an exemption from enforcement of a  specified portion of KCUSD Dress Code should be submitted to the Principal. 

Under no circumstances will the Principal allow an exception for dress or grooming that displays or implies  gang symbols, uses profanity or displays/implies products or slogans that promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs  or sex. 

Clothing with Writing, Symbols, Pictures and Insignia 

Articles of clothing, jewelry or personal effects (back packs, fanny packs, binders, gym bags, buttons, water  bottles, etc.) are not allowed if those items contain writing, symbols, pictures, or insignia that: 1. Display/imply gang-related symbols 

2. Use profanity 

3. Display/imply products or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs or sex 

4. Disrupt the educational process 

5. Are obscene, libelous, or slanderous 

6. Create a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts, violation of school regulations, or injury to students, staff, or community 

7. Violate state hate-crime laws 

Any clothing or apparel that a student or group of students wear to identify themselves for the purpose of  harassing, threatening, or intimidating others will not be allowed. With regard to this section, school-site  personnel do not have the discretion to create stricter dress and grooming standards at the school site, and  personnel do not have the discretion to create exceptions to these requirements. 

Students who fail to follow the provisions of this policy will be held accountable in accordance with  established district/site discipline policy. 


● Students who do not meet dress code will be removed from class and allowed to return once parents have  brought proper clothes for them to wear. 

● Second offense of not meeting the dress code will be removed from class and allowed to return once parents  have brought proper clothes for them to wear. 

● The third offense will be suspension from class and sent home.


● Students, if you have any doubt about dress code requirements and what you are wearing on any certain day,  save it for the following day and ask your teacher or administrator if what you want to wear is appropriate.